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Did you know dogs don’t sweat like we do?! Their sweat comes from their pads which means it’s a lot trickier to cool down in the hotter months.


  • Frozen treats – give your pup frozen veg as treats ( you can do this using an ice tray and adding veg into water & freezing ) PERFECT FOR A CHILL IN THE GARDEN
  • Shade – make sure there is always shade for your dog to chill out. That and a cool bowl of water! – NOT ICE COLD THOUGH! as this can send your pup into shock
  • Damp towels – leave a damp towel down for your dog to lie on. Or you can purchase cooling mats

Be aware of the signs of heat stroke:

Things to look out for-

  • Excessive dribbling/panting
  • Bright red gums
  • Confusion & unsteadiness

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